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Customized Instruction for Your Aspiring Artist

Is your child a young artist? Do they need help building a portfolio for a Denver Public Schools (DPS) art program? Do you wish that there was a local tutor with the skills and patience to work with your young artist and nurture their talent? I would love to help…

Sharing What I Know

I was educated in the DPS system and studied art at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Both schools were a critical component in helping transform the artist within me. In addition, I was fortunate to grow up with a father that was a professional artist.

As I came to realize later in life, he not only raised me but was like a tutor that helped nurture the creative spark within me. Like my father did for me, I’d like to share my passion for and practical knowledge of the artist’s way with young individuals trying to find their way through visual mediums.

My Tutoring Method for the Young Artist

As an art tutor I enjoy working with the young artist and their parents to understand the interests and needs of the individual. Once we assess the artist’s needs we will develop a number of goals including:

  • Enhance artistic skill sets

  • Refine techniques

  • Create a solid foundation of art knowledge

  • Build confidence and trust

  • Encourage students to view art with a different eye/perspective

  • And last but not least to have fun

I cater each lesson to the individual by addressing the needs and skill sets the young artist would like to develop. The ultimate goal of each lesson is to help the young artist build a portfolio that an art-focused program or school expects.

The benefits of private lessons—aside from one-on-one attention—is to learn the young artist’s existing skill set and guide them to a more advanced artistic level while simultaneously introducing them to new art techniques, materials, and styles.

Let’s Talk More

If your young Denver artist needs some positive direction that an art tutor can provide, let’s talk more to see if I can be of help.

General Art Lessons

$50         1.5 hour session                     For one student

$70         1.5 hour session                     For two students

$90         1.5 hour session                     For three students

General Art Lessons are about the fundamentals of drawing, the principles of art & design including basic color theory and beginning acrylic painting. Each lesson is catered to the individual student based on their interest and goals. We will explore different techniques using still-life and photographs. Beginner to advance.

Painting /Color Theory Lessons

$100       2 hour session                        For one student              Supplies included

$125       2 hour session                         For two students            Supplies included

$150       2 hour session                         For three students         Supplies included

Painting Lessons are a great way to further apply the knowledge attained from General Art Lessons. In these advance classes, we will be using the medium of acrylic and oil paints to strengthen the fundamentals and gain a stronger understand of painting technique . We will work from still life and photographs exploring composition, paint application, technique, color mixing and the study of light & shadow.

Why Color Theory Lessons? Color is a vital part of design. It creates a visual impact, evokes emotion and organizes a design. Color is life. That is why understanding color and how to effectively use it is important for an artist.

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