In my youth I remember feeling more comfortable spending time alone drawing then I did playing with my friends. And then we relocated to Denver from Littlerock. In retrospect, this move would prove to be critical in my development as a visual artist. The new neighborhood was a fresh environment for me experience and with different people to meet I broke out of my shell. I would pursue music during my high  school  and  college years

eventually writing and composing for small film project, videos and commercials. In my late twenties I felt something was missing and returned to college in search of an answer. It was while pursuing a degree in astrophysics I rediscovered my childhood passion for art-that “something” that was missing.


Having a creative and artistic family has been an indispensable influence. My father studied under Hans Hoffmann and readily shared his thoughts. In short, the experiences, the discussions and life itself is where art begins to take shape and eventually break boundaries. It is precisely these principles that aide in my pursuit of new ideas for work. And then there is the act of painting! For me, I enjoy the process of painting above any other aspect; it is the act of expression and the need to paint that drives me. The challenge of creating color combinations, forms & textures and placing these elements on a given picture plane to create a unified and aesthetically pleasing composition, is a satisfying endeavor.

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